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Bikes at UK and in Lexington

Welcome to a home page for UK and Lexington commuter-cyclists.  We hope to make Lexington a friendlier community for people who bike to work.

Why promote cycling?
Relieve UK's and Lexington's traffic and parking problems.  Do we really want to pave over the entire county?!  If not, we had better encourage people to travel by modes other than the one-passenger automobile.
Promote healthy lifestyles.  In the long term, cycling is one of the best forms of exercise -- and it's fun!
Improve Lexington's quality of life and sense of community.  The automobile culture leads to sprawl and isolation, but cyclists travel in neighborhoods, not through them.
The mild climate and the presence of the University make Lexington and cycling a perfect match.

Contents of this site:
Join our mailing list and receive news related to commuter-cycling around Lexington, action alerts, etc. (Emails arrive only occasionally.)
There is a new development related to the Bellefonte-Alumni multiuse trail through the Arboretum.
Tips regarding cycling at UK.
News about Lexington road projects relevant to cyclists.
Links to Kentucky and national cycling-related sites.

Questions? Contact Bob Grossman, UK Department of Chemistry, at rbgros1@uky.edu.

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