CHE 230



CHE 230, Introduction to Organic Chemistry (3 credit hours)

Course description

Fundamental principles and theories of organic chemistry. Prereq: CHE 107 or CHE 115.

Course Information

The required textbook for this course is Organic Chemistry, 2nd ed., by Janice Smith.  Pushing Electrons, 3rd ed., by Daniel P. Weeks, a set of Framework Molecular Models, and the Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Smith are strongly recommended. 

The Course

This course is the first part of a two-part introduction to the principles of organic chemistry, the chemistry of the compounds of carbon. The content can be classified as structure, reactivity, and synthesis. You will learn how atoms are joined together in organic compounds, how their structure affects their bulk properties, how we can gain information about the structure of unknown organic compounds, and how organic compounds are transformed into other organic compounds.


All exams are cumulative.


Midterm 1 KeyA

Midterm 1 KeyB

Midterm 2 Key

Midterm 3 Key

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