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Practice doing problems by using EPOCH

Please register with the system to access the online homework. Please be sure that you type your student ID and your email address correctly. If your student ID is incorrectly entered (it should be 9 numbers, no hyphens or spaces), you will not be able to do your homework. Don't forget your userID and your password after you register!

At the end of the semester, I will calculate your overall score in two ways: One based only on your exam scores. The second, based on the average of your exam scores counting as 90% of your total score and your average EPOCH Homework score counting as the remaining 10%. You will receive the higher total score and the corresponding grade. The Catch: you have to have completed 80% of the homework assignments by the due date.

Lecture Notes

These will be posted in PDF format after each chapter is done.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Acids and Bases

Chapter 7-Substitution and Elimination

Chapter 8-Equilibria

Chapter 9-Additions to Alkenes I

Chapter 10-Additions to Alkenes II

Chapter 11

Old Exams

The first exam will cover chapters 1-3 with emphasis on the topics we covered in class. Check the glass-enclosed bulletin board outside of RM 139 (on the concourse facing Rose St) for your room and seat assignments.

Take an exam first before looking at the key

Fall 2000 Exam 1

Fall 2000 Exam 1-Key

Fall 2003 Exam 1

Fall 2003 Exam 1-Key

Fall 2004 Exam 1-Key

Fall 2003 Exam 2

Fall 2003 Exam 2-Key

Fall 2004 Exam 2

Fall 2004 Exam 2-Key

Fall 2003 Exam 3

Fall 2003 Exam 3-Key

Fall 2004 Exam 3

Fall 2004 Exam 3-Key

Fall 2003 Exam 4

Fall 2003 Exam 4-Key

Fall 2004 Exam 4

Fall 2004 Exam 4-Key

Handouts/ Homework

Resonance Structures

Chapter 4 homework

Chapter 4 homework- key

Chapter 5 homework

Chapter 5 homework-key

Chapters 6 and 7 homework

Chapters 6 and 7 homework-key

More Substitution/Elimination Problems

Addition to Alkene Problems (Chapters 9 and 10)

More Substitution/Elimination Problems-Key

Addition to Alkene Problems-Key (Chapters 9 and 10)

Predicting Elimination and Substitution

Protic and Aprotic Solvents

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