CHE 230

University of Kentucky

Draw the product of substitution or elimination

A common question on an organic chemistry exam is, "Draw the product of this reaction." The following instructions should help you figure out how to solve this kind of problem when it involves substitution or elimination.

  1. Identify the electrophilic C atom.

    An electrophilic C atom is one that is attached to a leaving group. Typical leaving groups are:

    The OH group is sometimes converted into a better leaving group in a first step before the substitution or elimination is executed:

  2. Identify the nucleophilic or basic atom, if there is one.

  3. Determine whether the reaction conditions are acidic or basic. (They may be neutral, but for purposes of this exercise, we count them as acidic or basic.)

  4. Predict whether substitution or elimination will occur.

  5. Draw the substitution or elimination product, as appropriate.

The lower-energy stereoisomer is the one that has the sterically larger group on one C atom of the π bond trans to the sterically larger group on the other.

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