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ACE Organic

In collaboration with some UK computer scientists and the publisher Prentice-Hall, Professor Grossman has develop ed a new Web-based organic chemistry homework program called ACE Organic. This program asks you to draw organic structures in response to a question. If your answer is incorrect, you are given some feedback, but you are not told the correct answer. You need to keep trying until you get the right answer.

Your performance on the electronic homework problems (percentage of problems answered correctly, excluding the tutorials) will contribute 8% to your overall grade. Feel free to ask for help from me on any problem. Problems from the electronic homework have a very peculiar way of making their way onto exams. Generally, students have found it most useful to do the ACE problems early and then to focus on the textbook problems closer to exam time.

We will be using the Prentice-Hall installation of ACE (hereafter ACE@PH). Visit this page for instructions on gaining access to ACE@PH. You will need the course ID #, which is 2371.

Problems from your textbook

Periodically, I will assign end of chapter problems to the class.  These problems will not be collected and graded.  However, you are strongly advised towork on these problems as they provide invaluable practice. 

Lecture Notes

As a courtesy to the class, I will periodocally post my lecture notes (usually following conclusion of our discussion of a chapter).  These lecture notes are simply frameworks for our discussions and will by no means completely cover everything that we discuss in class. A tentative schedule of lecture topic is found here.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Carboxylic acids

Carbonyl Chemistry

Carbonyl Chemistry II

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Old Exams

Practice exam 1-1

Practice exam 1-2

Spectroscopy problems

Practice exam 1-1-key

Practice exam 1-2-key

Spectroscopy problems-key

Practice exam 2

Practice exam 2-key

S07Exam 1-Key

S07Exam 1b-Key

S07Exam 2-Key

Practice Final

Practice Final-key

Spring 07 Final

Spring 07 Final-key

Also, go to Dr. Grossman's webpage for additional examples of old CHE 232 exams and other helpful links.

Current Exams

EXAM 1 Key

EXAM 2 Key

Exam 3 Key

Final Exam Study Guide

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