Organic Chemistry 2

Chemistry 232-001, Spring 2013


Class Meetings:          MWF 12:00 12:50

Classroom:      CP-139

Professor:        Mark S. Meier
Office:             CP-341
Phone:             257-3837
Office Hours:  Mondays at 2:00 Tuesdays at 1:00, and Help Sessions Wednesdays 4:00 4:50 in CP-345

The Course Description and Syllabus contains all of the details on the composition of the course, the exam dates, the grading scale, and policies.  Click HERE.

Daily Summaries (Overheads).

Daily Summaries 2 (since exam 1)

Daily Summaries 3 (since exam 2)

Daily Summaries 4 (since exam 3)

Old Exams and Keys.  These are real exams from previous semesters when Prof. Meier taught this course.  Note:  Some of these were written when we used a different textbook, so the order of topics was different.  As a result, the topics on Exam 1 this semester may differ from the topics on older Exam 1's.   Same for exams 2 4 as well.

Need additional help with CHE 232?  The Chemistry Department maintains a list of graduate students and postdoctoral associates who are interested in tutoring.  See the Main Office (CP-125) for this list of tutors who are available for hire.

Free peer tutoring is also available through The Study.