CHE 395



Chemistry 395: Independent Work in Chemistry

Course Description: May be repeated to a maximum of nine credits. Prereq: Major and a standing of 3.0 in the department.

Course Content

Typically, a student will pursue independent study by performing a research project in the laboratory of one of the professors in the department. Six credits of CHE 395 are recommended for students having a minimum 3.0 GPA in chemistry courses. Oral and written reports (guidelines) are required for CHE 395 students during their final semester of registration in CHE 395; progress reports are required at the end of previous semester(s). Students not taking CHE 395 must substitute six credits of 300-level or higher courses in science, mathematics, or engineering, as approved by the Academic Matters Committee of the Department of Chemistry.

A student wishing to take CHE 395 should first peruse the research programs of the UK chemistry faculty and choose a faculty member with whom she would like to work. The student should then make an appointment with the faculty member to discuss possible research projects and expectations. If both parties are amenable, a research contract must be signed by both student and faculty member and returned to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Carolyn Brock, at the beginning of the first semester. If this contract is not signed and returned, the student will be dropped from the course.

For more information about CHE 395, please consult your advisor or Dr. Brock at

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