CHE 450G: Practical Inorganic Chemistry

U of KY Dept of Chemistry

Metal-Metal Quadruple Bonds

Addenda to Girolami et. al. Experiment #11

Introduction and Background

Background Readings


  1. You should complete both Part A as well as the first section of Part B (K4Mo2Cl8.2H2O) during the assigned laboratory periods. You are not responsible for the phosphine derivative.

  2. Use a magnetic stirbar and stir plate instead of boiling stones during the synthesis.

  3. You may use a Schlenk flask instead of a two-necked flask as your reaction vessel in Part A.

  4. Characterize your compounds by IR, UV-VIS and melting point. Be certain to explain, interpret and compare all of your data (including to previously reported values in the primary literature).

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