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Instructions for CrystalDesigner can be found here CrystalDesigner

Web Elements is an amazing interactive periodic table database. You can get atomic radii, electrochemical reduction potentials, chemical properties and much much more just by clicking on an element. Trends are displayed graphically (Sheffield site only) -- a really powerful tool. Several mirror sites are available. You can try any of these below, but start with the ones that are closest for fastest service. The one at Sheffield is very recent and mega-cool, but links to the UK will tend to be slow during the day (but try it if you get a chance).

Silicate class of materials Zeolites Galore! If you're into minerals, check out cool rocks and gems.

Spinels are a cool class of magnetic materials. Here are some interesting spinel sites...

Electricity and magnetism University of California at Berkeley

National High magnetic Field Laboratory Check them out

Oak Ridge National LabFind out what they are doing with high TC superconductors.

Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science Very cool superconductivity page.

Ceramics, superconductivity, batteries, electrooptical materials and more

CHE 510 Homepage

Chemistry Course Listings

UK Chemistry Home Page Return to the UK Chemistry Home Page

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