From "MRI Movies" by Brian Hargreaves, Ph. D.

Practical NMR: CHE 555

CHE555 Syllabus, Updated 15 Jan. 2015

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Calendar of lectures and demonstrations, with links to downloadable notes.

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Some good web sites

A nice introduction to NMR spectroscopy for chemists. Author = William Reusch from Michigan State University . This institution has also provided a useful gallery of common artifacts

Tutorials on theory behind NMR. From the biosciences division of Sheffield Hallam University

Web site providing a summary of NMR and its application in structural biology, author = Dr. Sean Moran, of Rice University

Web site providing video portayals of physical processes underlying NMR, author = Dr. Brian Hargreaves, of Stanford University

NMR simulator, author = Dr. Luc Patiny of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

A databse of NMR spectra of organic compounds, author = National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan.

Relaxation times and access to many more useful web pages, provided by Roy Hoffman, of The Hebrew University

The sounds of FIDs, a delightful complement to all the theory, provided by Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Solid-state NMR resources

The dipolar interaction in solid-state NMR, author = Angel de Dios, Georgetown University

Calculator for converting between different descriptions of chemical shift anisotropy in NMR, courtesy of Dr. Klaus Eichele, Tuebingen University

A list of review articles on solid-state NMR, author = Dr. Pascal Man of the Sorbonne Universite

The calendar and links from 2012 - FYI only.

From "MRI Movies" by Brian Hargreaves, Ph. D.