CHE 572 Echo360 instructions

Setting up your Blackboard course.

  1. Go to UK's Blackboard site at
  2. Log in with your linkBlue credentials.
  3. Click on the course you're setting up. Make sure you choose the right section and term.
  4. Close the Quick Setup Guide panel if it appears.
  5. On the panel on the left, mouse over Class Capture. Click the down-arrow that appears, and select Show link.
  6. Further down on the panel on the left, click on Customization, then Properties.
  7. Under Set Availability, choose Yes.
  8. Press Submit on the mid-upper right.
  9. If you wish, log out by pressing the power button on the far upper right.
  10. Email A&S IT Help and ask them to tell Echo360 to allow you to publish to your Blackboard course. Include the name of the course, the section, and your name.

Starting Echo360.

  1. Find the Logitech webcam in the computer cabinet, and connect it to the very long USB cable that is tucked under the cabinet.
  2. Log into the computer with your linkBlue credentials.
  3. Double-click on the Echo360 Personal Capture icon on the desktop.
  4. Press Start Capture.
  5. Close the Logitech Webcam Controller window.

Setting up Echo360 (one-time process).

  1. Start Echo360 (see above).
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
  3. Browse to a folder in which to store recordings before sending them to Blackboard. C:\CHE572 videos is a good choice.
  4. Choose the Server tab.
  5. Enter for the server address. You may test the connection if you wish.
  6. Close the Options window.
  7. Press Configure.
  8. Under both Audio device and Video device, choose Logitech webcam.
  9. Under Video quality, choose Actual size.
  10. Press OK.

Using Echo360.

  1. Start Echo360 (see above).
  2. Ascertain that all three boxes in the bottom third of the Echo360 window are checked.
  3. If you have not already done so, turn on the projector.
  4. Attach the webcam to the top of a chair or place it on a table, and adjust it so that it captures the speaker. The projected image on the screen will show you what the webcam is capturing. Make sure there is some light on the speaker.
  5. When you are ready to start recording, press Start capture. The Echo360 window will disappeear, and recording will start in five seconds.
  6. When you are ready to stop recording, bring back the Echo360 window, either by clicking on the up-arrow on the lower right, clicking the Echo360 icon (red circle enclosing a red triangle), and choosing Restore window, or by double-clicking on the Echo360 icon on the desktop.
  7. Press Stop capture.
  8. Press Publish recording.
  9. Log in with your linkBlue credentials.
  10. Click on the Blackboard course to which you want to publish, and press Next.
  11. Press Next again.
  12. Enter a title for the presentation, usually the student's name, and press Publish. It may take 24 hours or more for the recording to appear in Blackboard.