Guiton Group

Principal Investigator

Beth Guiton

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Kentucky

Joint Faculty Appointee
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

B.A., M.Sci., University of Cambridge
A.M., Harvard University
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


I am a solid state chemist in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky (UK). My current focus is to combine the synthesis and design of new nanostructured materials, with their characterization using advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques ranging from atomic resolution imaging, to more exotic techniques such as plasmon mapping on the nanometer length scale.

I have a background in a variety of materials chemistry fields, which are useful for my current interdisciplinary research interests. After reading Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, I attended Harvard University (Chemistry Department), and the University of Pennsylvania (Materials Science and Engineering) where I investigated vapor phase and solid state syntheses of inorganic nanostructures. After receiving my PhD, I worked as a Wigner Fellow and staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, developing microscopy techniques to advance understanding of nanostructured materials for energy applications, in the STEM Group of Steve Pennycook. I joined the University of Kentucky's Department of Chemistry faculty in 2010.