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Bert C. Lynn

Professor of Chemistry
Director, UK Mass Spectrometry Facility
Analytical Chemistry

A053 ASTeCC Building
Phone: (859) 218-6529
Fax: (859) 257-2489

1979 B.S., University of Mississippi.
1987 Ph.D., Mississippi State University.


Mass spectrometry research in my group is divided into three broad areas: 1) proteomics and biological mass spectrometry, 2) environmental methods development working at the interface between environmental chemistry and biology and 3) quadrupole ion trap instrument development.

1 - Proteomics projects include development of biomarkers in CSF of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), and neuronal mitochondrial changes in AD, transcription of MnSOD during tumorgenesis and determination of protein modifications in thermophilic anaerobic bacteria adapted to high ethanol environments.

2 - Environmental methods development is currently focused on chemical alterations to proteins resulting from oxidative stress such as acrolein modification. We continue to be interested in pesticide toxicology and have recently focused on phosphorylation of the enzyme butyryl cholinesterase by organophosphorus insecticides. Example spectra: MALDI spectrum of the active site peptide, MALDI spectrum of the inhibited active site peptide, Capillary HPLC chromatogram of the inhibited active site peptide, and MS/MS spectrum of the inhibited active site peptide

3 - A variety of quadrupole ion trap (QIT) projects are underway including development of miniature cylindrical ion traps, ion tomography experiments, ion mobility in a QIT and alternative scan functions.

Nelson et al. "An Integrated Approach for Automating Validation of Extracted Ion Chromatographic Peaks" supplemental data

Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry 2011