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Anne-Frances Miller

Director, University of Kentucky NMR spectroscopy facility

Associate Professor of Chemistry, and of Biochemistry Download CV.


The Miller group addresses  Enzymatic Redox Catalysis  in the following areas.


1. Superoxide Dismutase Projects. The Fe-SOD and Mn-SOD of E. coli have been manipulated to produce variants with reduction midpoint potentials ranging over 0.9 V (21 kCal/mol or 89 kJ/mol), without disruption of the active site. Thus, this system serves as a molecular laboratory for modifying a non-heme-Fe site to perform desired chemistry. EPR and NMR spectroscopy, and Xray crystallography are used to explore the details of the mutant structures of these enzymes. Titrations of substrate analog binding, pH equilibria and redox equilibria provide quantitative measures of different fundamental elements of activity. Click here to learn more.  

2. Nitroreductase Projects. Multidimensional, multinuclear NMR is applied to understand the basis for NR's very broad substrate specificy range, and thus to learn to exploit this enzyme for bioremediation: degradation of toxic nitro-aromatics including munitions residues. Click here to learn more.

3. Solid-State NMR of Flavins. 15N and 13C NMR chemical shift tensors are sensitive probes of the natures and relative energies of the frontier orbitals: the very orbitals that underlie the flavin's reactivity.  Click here to learn more


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