Requests for a Chemistry Demonstrator or Facilitator

Identify an event you would like to take charge of.
Email A.-F. Miller to make it official.

To help with an event already claimed, email the Demonstrator/Facilitator directly.

DatePresentor/FacilitatorName & Type of EventLocation and Time
29 September 2017Minakshi BhardwajBeyond Cookie Cutter:Designs and Demonstrations of Outstanding Outreach Activities for All Ages" in "Preparing Science Professionals"UK
18 October 2017Minakshi BhardwajEastern Elementary SchoolScott Co., 5:30-8:00
27 October 2017GSA (Emma Holland)Weird Science NightMaxwell Elementary School, evening
27 October 2017Jack SelegueReaction Attraction7 - 8 pm in the Don and Cathy Jacons Science Building at UK (room 121)
3 November 2017** volunteers needed UPCOMING** Arts and Science Discovery dayCassidy Elementary School. 8 am-noon and/or noon-3 pm.
9 November 2017** volunteers needed UPCOMING**STEM Fair at Dunbar High school (Girls in STEM club)P. L. Dunbar High School, 4 to 6:30 pm
11 November 2017GSA (E. Holland) and Chem. Cats (G. Milburn)Girls Enjoying Math and Science (Girl Scouts)10 am - 3:30 pm at UK
15 November 2017Minakshi BhardwajCardinal Valley Science Night, table of information/demonstrationCardinal Valley Elementary School. 6:00-7:30 pm
16 November 2017Meadowthorpe Elementary School Science NightMeadowthorpe Elementary School, 5:30 - 7:00 pm
7 December 2017Science Fair Judges for gr 4-6. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, THURSDAY morning 8:30-11:30. Please email Ms. Endorf to volunteer (and cc AFM).
19 December 2017Dr. SoultDemo ShowMaxwell Elementary School, 5th grade.
11 January 2018**Volunteers Needed**STEM night - tie dye event or otherWinburn Middle School, evening.
17 January 2018J. Hempel and team.Science night -school has requested the tie dye eventCrawford Middle School, evening.
17 January 2018** Judges needed **Science Fair, Maxwell Elementary School - email Dr. Soult to volunteer (and cc AFM).7:45 - 10:00 am, coffee & doughnuts provided (you'll be at your bench in time to start a morning reaction!) 301 Woodland Ave.
18 January 2018Alpha Phi Omega (J. Shen)STEM displays/activitiesVeteran's Park Elementary School, 5:30-7:00 pm (Thursday)
3 February 2018**LOTS of judges needed**Science Fair for middle and high schools in Fayette Co. Register here to be a judge.Bryan Station High School, 8 am to noon (Saturday), T-shirt and breakfast provided
21 April 2018** volunteers needed **Expanding Your HorizonsDay-long (Saturday)
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Requests to all participants in the Outreach pool and users of this site:
1- Once you identify an event you would like to adopt, please email A.-F. Miller for details including contact information (not published here, to protect privacy).
2- Once you accept responsibility for an event, please consider that you have a commitment to fulfill.
3- After the event please send an e-mail to A.-F. Miller reporting the number of people served (=audience size), age range, names of helpers (colleagues, graduate students and undergraduates...), one-sentence description of what you did.
4- In your correspondence above, please use 'OUTREACH' in the subject line.
5- Remember that you are responsible for adherence to all the University's safety considerations if you use any supplies or apparatus provided/purchased/reimbursed by the University.
6- If you take photos, ensure that you only publish/show photos in which no minor's identity can be identified, unless you have a waiver from the guardian or school.
7- Please consider sharing a fun photo for the outreach site! along with a couple of sentences about the event.

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