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Dr. Cungen Zhang

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
School of Pharmacy
University of Maryland, Baltimore
20 Penn Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Email: cungen.zhang@gmail.com



Click here to view to details of the research project in the past. In Baltimore, I work on protein-ligand interaction with Dr. Michael Shapiro.

Useful NMR manual-- Written by Cungen Zhang

I would like to thank Prof. Anne-Frances Miller and John Latern for the support in writing the manual.

One Dimensional NMR

Two Dimensional NMR

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NMR web book of Joseph Hornak entitled "The Basics of NMR" - highly recommended for beginners and experts in NMR!



There are some NMR animations.

General Animations

NMR Animations from ETH Zurich (animated gifs from Dr. Beat Meier's research group)

More NMR movies you might be interested.

Quicktime Movies

Useful Links of NMR

1. Basics of NMR. http://web.chem.queensu.ca/FACILITIES/NMR/nmr/webcourse/

2. http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/local/organic/nmr.html

3. http://www.nmrfam.wisc.edu/index.html

4. http://www.chem.ualberta.ca/~orglabs/spectroscopy/hnmr/review.html

5. http://www.stanford.edu/group/chem-NMR/nmrlinks.htm


Inversion-recovery exercise--Julianna

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