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Susan Odom is an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky.  As an undergraduate, Prof. Odom’s worked in the laboratory of Prof. Joseph Chappell at the University of Kentucky in the College of Agriculture from 2000-2001, assisting in the growth of modified tobacco cell cultures. Next she participated in an REU at Cornell University with Prof. Geoffrey Coates in the synthesis of chiral zinc-containing catalysts (2001). Working for Prof. John Anthony as an undergraduate researcher at the University of Kentucky (2001-2003) led her to organic materials chemistry. She synthesized dehydroannulene and acene derivatives and fabricated organic LEDs.

After receiving a B.S. degree in chemistry in 2003, Prof. Odom moved to Atlanta, GA, where she received a Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology under the guidance of Prof. Seth Marder and Dr. Stephen Barlow.  She synthesized bis- and tris- triarylamine derivatives and studied their radical cations as mixed-valent species. A stint at the University of Oxford as a visiting student in Prof. Harry Anderson’s research group (2005) sparked a few projects on chromophores containing zinc porphyrins with squaraine or perylene diimide acceptor moieties for nonlinear optical studies and photo-induced electron transfer studies.

She joined the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky in 2011 after a position as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where she developed self-healing electronic materials and damage-indicating microcapsules under the guidance of Prof. Jeffrey Moore. She also worked with researchers (Khalil Amine, John Zhang) at Argonne National Laboratory studying capsules and electrolyte additives in lithium-ion batteries. Prof. Odom’s professional interests include research in organic and materials chemistry for energy storage applications.


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Matt Casselman ( is our newest group member. Matt received his PhD in organic chemistry under the guidance of Alexander Wei at Purdue University. Matt is studying the stability and reactivity of radical cations generated using bulk electrolysis and is exploring these reactive species as synthetic intermediates.

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Aman Preet Kaur ( joined our group in July of 2013 after Ph.D. work in energy materials and model lignin reactions with Mark Meier at the University of Kentucky. Aman studies the stability of aromatic radical cations, specifically those of interest as redox shuttles in lithium-ion batteries and in redox flow batteries.

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Edward “Kirkbride” Loya ( is a first year graduate student who is working on understanding the factors that lead to robust polymer binders for Si-based electrodes in lithium-ion batteries.

Students can sign up for 3 credits of CHE 199, CHE 395, BIO 395, PHY 395, etc. with Dr. Odom’s prior permission and departmental approval.

Corrine Nina Faye Elliott joined our group when she was a junior Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY. Now a sophomore chemistry / math double major at UK, Nina synthesizes phenothiazine, phenoxazine, diphenylamine, and carbazole derivatives to test as redox shuttles for overcharge protection in Li-ion batteries. She also works with Chad Risko on computational chemistry projects. Nina has received numerous awards in recognition of her outstanding research including Best of Fair at the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair in March 2013. Click on this link to read an article featuring Nina and her research project (July 2013).

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Thuy Nguyen ( is a sophomore chemistry major who will be working on organic synthesis through radical cation intermediates.


Postdoctoral Scholars
Selin Ergun (2011-2014)
Rongbing Yang (2012)
Pramod Poudel (2012-2013)

Graduate Students
John Jennings (2011-12)
Kishore Narayana (2011-2014)

Bobby Barker (2012-2013)
Rachael Burrows (2012-2013)
Steven Chapman (2013-2014)
Daniel Flores (2013-2015)
Cortney Gandy (2012)
Amanda Grass (2012)
Nicholas Harris (2012)
Bryan Ingoglia (2012-2014)
Amir Kucharski (2013-2014)
Stephen Manek (2012-2014)
Anthony Marti (2012)
Austin Miller (2013)
Amita Patel (2013-2014)
Aleksandra Vidovich (2012)

High School Students
Christine Brandewie (2014)
Corrine Elliott (2011-2013)
Nelson Ng (2012-2014)
Michael Runepin (2013)
Elizabeth Walsh (2011)
Naijao “Nijel” Zhang (2014-2015)