Selin’s Birthday Celebration - Nov 15-16, 2013

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Second Anniversary of Lab Occupancy - October 5th 2013, Pazzo’s Pub
Celebrating two years of permission to occupy CP-225! Current group members, alumni, and friends of the lab, including our first group member Selin!

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left: Steven, Amir, Rachael, Corrine, Prof. Watson, Prof. Odom, Bryan, Amita; right: Amita, Aman, Rongbing, Selin, Steven

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left: Rongbing, Selin, Steven, Amir, Rachael; middle: Corrine & Prof. Watson; right: Prof. Odom & Bryan

Moore group reunion at the Fall 2013 American Chemical Society Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.
Prof. Odom (far right, first row) was a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Jeffrey Moore (second row near center in brown suit jacket) at the University of Illinois.
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Glassware Rescue & Recycling
Sometimes you get lucky and are the first to show up at a barn full of spiders and glassware that is about to be demolished. Soooo many round bottomed flasks to be found on Agronomy Road at Coldstream.

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Molecular Gastronomy Experiment: Making Edible Juice-Filled Alginate Capsules for UK’s K Week
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Left: preparing capsule materials in Prof. Odom’s kitchen. Right: waiting for the storm of freshmen.

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Left: Prof. Odom and Amita showing Dean Kornbluh how to make capsules. Right: students visiting our table.

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Left: Amita helps a student strain her capsules. Right: Cameron taking a break.

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Prof. Odom receives a Teacher Who Made a Difference Award, nominated by Rachael Burrows

Nelson presents his projects on radical cation decay studies using UV-vis spectroscopy at a the Kentucky American Water Fayette County District Science Fair competition.

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Nina at the Kentucky American Water Fayette County District Science Fair competition where she won 1st place in high school chemistry.

We love working with fluorscent compounds! Sometimes they are fluorescent because we want to use them for surface labeling experiments, and other times their fluorescence is just a treat because they’re going into batteries where we don’t care about their optical properties.
Left and middle: perylene diimide derivatives after column and mixed with imidazole. Right: after running a column on a phenothiazine derivative.