ribbon structure
of nitroreductase

Postdoctoral positions in enzymology, microbiology, and metabolomics. These are available with the support of a new Glue Grant from NIGMS (1U54GM093342-01) that supports the Enzyme Function Initiative (EFI). The EFI's goal is to develop and disseminate a general sequence/structure based strategy for facilitating discovery of in vitro enzymatic and in vivometabolic/physiological functions of unknown enzymes discovered in genome projects, a crucial limitation in genomic biology. This goal will be accomplished by integrating bioinformatics, structural biology, and computation with enzymology, genetics, and metabolomics. The EFI includes 14 investigators located at 8 academic institutions. The attached document provides a description of the EFI as well as application information.

Postdoctoral positions Post doc positions - novel microbial heme proteins and antibiotic targets, in the laboratory of Prof. Jennifer Dubois, University of Notre Dame. The attached document provides a description of the project and position.

Postdoctoral position N.I.H.-funded position in the Jorns lab to study the mechanism of a flavoenzyme aromatase that plays a critical role in the biosynthesis of nikkomycin antibiotics. The attached document provides a description of the project and position.

Denkewalter Lecture at Loyola University, Chicago Friday 15 Oct. at 6:00 pm, in Flanner Hall.

"DNA as a Catalyst" by Prof. Scott K. Silverman.

Enzymology Position Use your knowledge of enzymology to drive drug discovery. The position includes elucidating enzyme mechanisms, determining inhibitor mechanisms of action, hit triaging and working with multidisciplinary teams to identify novel inhibitors. Act as a key advisor and resource by recommending enzymatic or biophysical studies or specific assays which could best identify, exploit and leverage characteristics key to successful hit or lead identification. Please see the attached document.

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