ribbon structure
of nitroreductase

Thank You ! The Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference Conference expresses the thanks of all its participants to the following partial list of donors.

Division of Biological Chemistry of the American Chemical Society

Garland Science (Taylor & Francis)


The College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Kentucky

Division of Medicinal Chemistry, of the American Chemical Society

VWR International


Additional Friends Anonymous individuals who have generously donated from their own pockets.

Please note that the Friends of the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference, Inc. will soon seek tax-exempt charitable status. We hope that in the future donations will be tax deducable.

No-one has money to spare, but if you can think of an organization that might be willing to help support the MECC, please pass information along to the conference chairs, Anne-Frances Miller, afm@uky.edu. No donation is so small that we will not appreciate it.

Thank You !

Anne-Frances Miller
MECC 2010
Program Chair